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Guest post embedding is no joke.

It looks easy on the surface but it’s not.

First, you have to reach out to authority websites.

Next, you have to check if they accept guest posts (if they reply obviously).

Some websites ask for a fee to embed your post but only for a short period of time.

Oh, and did I tell you that you have to personalize your pitch while reaching out to the websites?

Remember all this is done for you when you choose Freshlinks’ Guest Post Embeds service.

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1 Google News Link


Single Placements

1 G News Outreach link to help Boost Your SEO Rankings

  • 1 Google News Approved Site
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  • Professionally written Content 500+ words
  • 1 Anchor Text/Target

3 Google News Links


$120 per Placement

3 G News Outreach link to help Boost Your SEO Rankings

  • 3 Google News Approved Site
  • Do Follow
  • Professionally written Content 500+ words
  • 3 Anchor Text/Target


$120 per Placement

5 G News Outreach link to help Boost Your SEO Rankings

  • 5 Google News Approved Site
  • Do Follow
  • Professionally written Content 700+ words
  • 5 Anchor Text/Target

But why go through all the hassle of posting as a guest on other websites when you can put the same time and effort into your website?

Short answer?

It’s good for your SEO.

Your website ranks higher on search engines when you guest post.

Because guest posting allows you to have a link to your own website or Google My Business Listing!

Why Choose FreshLinks?

We believe 100% client Real-Time Transparency

Instead of placing an order and waiting to see all your links at once, we create a shared worksheet where you can track our progress from day 1. This will allow you to quickly see live updates, and get more transparency from us.

We provide Insightful Data Analysis Reporting

We add screenshots of the Ahrefs Dashboard Metrics, Anchor Cloud, and Organic Traffic Keywords to pinpoint the power, relevance, and trust of each link secured in the reports. This will save a lot of review and QA time on your end!

We provide quick and consistent communication

The clients know exactly what is happening which enables quick communication. Our clients are never left in the dark.

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What People Say

Ready for higher search engine rankings? Order high authority backlinks now and
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Fresh Links has really been great to work with! I highly recommend them. Good communication and strong links!

Matt W.

I am impressed with the links and service overall as the delivery was timely and on point with high quality links.

Kevin S.

It’s hard to find a reliable, consistent link vendor with good communication these days, so it's refreshing to finally have a company that offers high quality links with great turnaround time.

Zach D.

The team at Fresh Links really knows their stuff! I got one of their custom outreach links for a client site, and I was blown away by the quality. The placed my link on a site with 20,000 monthly traffic and AHRefs DR 30+. This is a real link with real traffic. I couldn't be happier. The link was indexed quickly and I'm already seeing a traffic increase. Thanks again, I'll be back for more!

Louis Meyer-Knight

No problem. Ask us anything or request a call!


In December 2019, Google changed the approval process and tightened its policies. As a result, newly approved sites are no more appearing in the google news section for any keywords or phrases although the links show indexed in the news section. These are sites that are only eligible for Google Newsstand App and should not be confused with Google News.

We have not added any such sites to our list because we found them to be ineffective. All our sites have full coverage of Google News and the Top stories section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Each placement we build will include a do-follow link back to your target URL

Yes. Each placement will get indexed in Google search engines.

We will use any anchor text you provide us with that is in the English language with English text and URL anchor texts as well.

No, unfortunately, this is not possible without significant delays in the process. In order for us to keep our prices as competitive as possible, and ensure great turnaround times, we do not provide a list of sites prior to placing your articles. Every order involves a custom scrape and a custom outreach campaign specific to your niche to ensure the final sites that we select are relevant and of the highest caliber. Your links will not be placed on subpar sites.

Yes. If requested we will share the content for approval before it gets published. Please be aware this slows the overall process of getting a publish placement. The faster you approve the content when sent off the faster we can get you live links.

Yes, just send us a request to see some example links and we will get those over to you to review.

We guarantee that your link will be live for up to one year. If for any reason a link is removed from the site/page in the first year, we will replace it with another link, no questions asked.

Links typically take between 21 and 28 business days to get placed.

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