The Perfect Anchor Text Strategy

Anchor Texts are text elements within the content of your page that are used as an anchor to hold the link. In this sense, they are the only indication the user has on the destination of a link. This is why anchor texts are an important ranking factor. The indexation and algorithms that analyze the indexes have evolved to a point where they can analyze specific patterns by looking at specific terms and the pages ranking for them. This is then used as a baseline for the types of anchor texts to use, so having a good anchor text profile is important.

There is no denying the importance of keyword usage in SEO. Keywords are a component of anchor texts, and that is why Keyword Research is a crucial factor in determining the right anchor to use for your link building. For a more in-depth guide on researching keywords check our Beginners Guide To Keyword Research.

Keyword Research and Analysis

A good basis to start Keyword Research is determining the main page and head keyword. This can be easily done with the help of programs like Ahrefs. All the data in Ahrefs is downloadable and has information on keyword traffic, URL ratings, keywords that currently rank and more. This allows you to find the most valuable pages and the head keyword with the highest search volume, and additional target keywords, creating a keyword bucket.

Always look at your competitors when doing keyword research, as this helps refine your keyword bucket. Pick the top 3 sites that come up on the SERPs when you use the main keyword and analyze their content types, URL structure, type of backlinks, organic keywords, terms different pages rank for and anchor ratios. If your intention is local SEO then make sure you do a cloaked search. Get your NAP section embedded on various sites easily. We offer Guest Post Embeds to power up your GMB listings.

Once you have a refined keyword bucket, you can begin creating a keyword and anchor text strategy.

Finding The Right Anchor Text

Over time anchor texts have changed, meaning you have to think of an anchor text distribution model as you can’t just rank for exact match links anymore. You can use sites like to generate combinations on keywords, including brand if you chose it, helping you create a list of anchor text that relates to the page. All these generated combinations should be sorted by keyword or anchor text types.

Anchor Text Types:

  • Naked
    This anchor text type is basically a straightforward URL, meaning the anchor text looks identical to the link URL you will embed.

  • Branded
    Branded anchors are text that contains the company’s brand. This usually revolves around the persona of the site.

  • Long-tail
    Long-tail anchor texts are usually longer than other anchor texts. Just like long-tail keywords, this anchor text type is 4 words or longer.

  • Exact match
    This anchor text type is directly linked to the target keywords. Exact match anchors are text identical to the target keyword.

  • Partial match
    Partial match anchor texts contain a part of the targeted keyword but not all of it.

  • Empty
    Empty anchors are links added behind content that isn’t textual. This is usually an image that links back to your site.

  • LSI or Discovered/Topical
    Topical anchors require the user to work on figuring out the anchor text to use because it is very hard to automate. This is usually anchor text that refers to the keyword topically.

  • Miscellaneous
    This is anchor text with no topical relevance. It just tries to direct the user to click and is usually a button on the site containing a Call To Action.

  • Geo/Geo Modified
    This type of anchor text is a locally modified keyword that usually contains terms like “nearby” or “near me.”

Anchor Ratio Analysis

Before you begin link planning and mapping, there’s another step you have to take to avoid over-optimization, and that’s analyzing competitor anchor ratios. This can be done with the Anchor Profiler Program. You can pull backlinks from a site using Ahrefs and upload them in APP which will give you a visual ratio on the spread of anchor text for any page, anchor text types, and average anchor ratios.

Link Mapping

The first step to link building and a fundamental process for choosing the correct anchor text to use is Link Mapping. It will let you know if you need to create different pages to serve specific keywords or anchors and better plan your anchor strategy. This process can be more straightforward if you use APP and requires:

  • Keyword analysis and targeting
    Find the pages to target with the most value and anchors that would best fit those pages. These pages may be home pages or service pages.
  • Analyzing competitor sites
    Check competitors to see if you need to create new pages for different keywords and to avoid over-optimizing your site with anchors.
  • Determining Link Spread
    This has to do with how you want to spread your links across different targeted pages.
  • Categorizing Anchors
    During this process, you may find many anchors categorized as unknown. Make sure you properly go through them and adequately organize or remove any unknown anchors for you and your competitors.

Throwing all the links on one random page will negatively affect your ranking. Make sure you go deep and find the correct and relevant page to link to your main page. Relevancy is a crucial ranking factor linked to keywords, anchor text, content and backlinks, so focus on relevant links.

Link Planning

Now that you have the total number of links to build, you want to figure out the velocity at which you want to start linking. Start spreading the links across the desired number of target pages; check APP for suggestions on anchors to use for the pages. If it suggests using branded, you can plan on using long tails or partial match anchors later on.

Schedule the links and keep a log of everything. Keep coming back to check on backlink growth opportunities that will help you establish your branded backlink profile. After you have this generic backlink profile with niche-specific content, you can start using more aggressive anchor texts, which will build your site’s authority and increase PageRank.

If you are tired of unreliable link providers, get with a team that understands meeting deadlines and proper communication with the freshest links for your link building. We guarantee real-time transparency and a process that involves you from day one!

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